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6/02 2011

When it all seems too short

Life has it’s seasons-we can see it all around us and we know that we can’t fight those changes. It is the natural order of things and in truth we are designed to live life that way. We have redesigned our lives to an extent by the use of technology, we can extend the length of our days by the use of artificial light  and can use this to work longer hours. We can fly to another country where it is no longer winter, or where their winter just looks better than ours! That I have to say is not a bad idea at all sitting in a rainy BC Starbucks at 7 degrees C having just left Newport Beach pier CA with 26 degrees C and waves still to be ridden.

I have just been through a season of life that was full of things that I and others around me would gladly have avoided and changed had we the power or opportunity. It has involved the physical death of friends, the suffering of those left behind and the loss of relationships and friendship with those who are still living. At times it is difficult to know which is worse-the finality of losing someone who you can no longer talk to, or the loss of what you once had with another and with whom their is really nothing left to say except ” I don’t really understand and did it really have to end like this?” I don’t think there are any answer to that question and I am certainly not going to propose one. My only observation is that there are many different types of bereavement that precede a final separation and that maybe an understanding of this will help us all walk through these and other situations and understand some of the things we feel and experience even if we don’t always understand how it happened or were unable to prevent it.

Psalm 90 v2  says “Teach us to realise the brevity of life so that we might grow in wisdom”

From where I am standing right now this speaks loudly, not focusing on the brevity of life but of what I would like to do with the time I have. We know it’s going to end just not when or what of-I think that is God’s mercy. What we do have is now, so I want to hug my wife and kids and tell them I love them, I want to value my friends and the wonderful people who I get to do life with. So I’m going back to the Dr’s office to try and do some good for those that come to see me, to try and be the hands and voice of Jesus until my time is done.

Guess it’s always going to feel that life was too short but it’s never too late to get back in the game.



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