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23/03 2012

What your body knows about God

This is a really fascinating subject of an upcoming book by author Rob Moll who wrote ” The art of dying” see recommendation page for link.
I have been asking some of these same questions myself looking at patients, looking at blood results and images CT/ MRI etc and asking where in all of this is the person? We know that certain parts of our bodies respond in different ways to different things-love, fear, anxiety, disease etc but how do these things effect who we are. What part of us is transient and what is eternal and how do they relate to each other.

If I am looking at an MRI of a patient as I recently was with an advanced brain tumour and unconscious, where is the person who is clearly still there but unable to communicate. As Christians we believe that we are made in the image of God, how does that work? As we develop a better understanding of how the body works we can define better the genetics, the cell biology, the neurotransmitters and neural pathways but how does it work and what are we looking at?

It’s like building a more powerful telescope, seeing further into the universe and then setting about trying to understand and explain the amazing wonders that have always been there but before this moment unseen. Clearly our bodies are an incredible complex work of art. How They relate to who we are , who God is and how they reflect the one in whose image we are made, well wow what incredible questions. I am looking forward to this book. Mystery is my new favorite subject!!

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