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5/01 2011

Update on CD and Society

Well we are now officially The Gracenote Project Society and are moving forward with the process of registering as non profit society, which when completed will hopefully simplify things a bit. Then again maybe not!! I have discovered another set of skills that I was not fully designed for!!

Well we raised some $16K dollars as a result of the fundraiser by the end of the year which enables us to plan on moving forward with the full length CD in the next few months-watch this space for more detail. We are some $6K short of being able to fully fund this at this stage.

I was writing a new song on the last few days which was the first one for a couple of months. It’s interesting as a song writer there is always the suspicion that the last song you wrote would be the last one and always encouraging to find that it wasn’t. I had been reflecting on what it would be like to lose your life partner and how despite knowing that the walk we have together has an end-we just don’t know how long we have. So I guess a work in progress that may or may not make it to the final CD. Like some of the Psalms there is no real resolution to the lyrics in this song-just a realisation that:

“I will remember you, in eyes of our children as they echo your smile, I will remember you, till we meet again one day”



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