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26/01 2014

Surrendered to your will

I rediscovered a song this morning that Brian Doerksen and I had written in 2008 entitled “Surrendered to Your will” It was a song that we had thrown around for a while and never quite felt finished. I played it in worship at our church this morning. I so love the sense of the forward looking in these lyrics. The sense that our lives are valuable and precious and should be lived with all the energy and vigour we can muster-but that this is not the whole story and we must see it in the light of eternity. Always a good idea to check our perspective!!

“If we could see our lives from eternity
Know how brief our days, on this earth will be
We would live each day, surrendered to your will

If our hearts could know, what our spirits feel
That our days will pass, but that heaven’s real
We would live each day, surrendered to your will”

Maybe we should record this song afterall!?-Watch this space



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