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9/02 2015

Supreme Court of Canada decision

A sad day for Canada as the Supreme Court moves towards legalizing Physician Assisted Suicide. This is something we have known to be on the horizon for a while and now is a bit closer. It has felt like a body blow to those of us at the sharp end of what this could mean. I am still considering and searching for what is even an appropriate response at this time and will do so more in full in a while.
When I see a society that is so in denial of death celebrate the ability to end peoples lives I have to wonder whether we have taken leave of our senses. So much rhetoric about dying with dignity and having control of our own destiny that we now feel qualified to step into the realm of God and decide the time of peoples death. The legislation seems to allow for those who don’t have a physical terminal illness and just psychological distress and suffering to have there lives ended. Tell me this is not the slipperiest of slopes. Let us not be fooled, this is not something we should welcome.

From one who has looked into the eyes of someone asking for me to end their life as a Doctor, but been protected by the law in declining the request-this is not progress, this is not freedom and social liberty-this is profound foolishness and pride. These are my personal thoughts from today as I mourn impending loss of a right to life and see it replaced with a right to die.



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