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10/02 2014

Review of Giver of Life-by a fellow Family Doctor

Review of Giver of Life

I was given a copy of this excellent album by a friend who considered that I might wish to pass it on to patients suffering with a terminal illness. I am a GP (Family Practitioner to those in North America!) and the songs have been written by another physician specifically for those facing the end of their lives.

Having listened to the album several times, I have no doubt that the music will indeed be a source of comfort and inspiration to those facing death. My feeling, however, is that these songs can be an inspiration for us all. All of us know that our days are numbered and through this collection we are sensitively directed to consider eternity, which is never a bad thing!

This album is an excellent piece of work and I recommend it to you. If you’re a worship leader consider using the song ‘I’m alive’ – a praise song!

Steve Smith, GP



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