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6/02 2011

When it all seems too short

Life has it’s seasons-we can see it all around us and we know that we can’t fight those changes. It is the natural order of things and in truth we are designed to live life that way. We have redesigned our lives to an extentREAD MORE

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5/01 2011

Update on CD and Society

Well we are now officially The Gracenote Project Society and are moving forward with the process of registering as non profit society, which when completed will hopefully simplify things a bit. Then again maybe not!! I have discovered another set of skills that I wasREAD MORE

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24/12 2010

Hope in Christmas

In the last couple of days as the world gears up for the Christmas holiday I have been walking with a couple of patients who likley will not be physically present this time next year and all the mixture of emotions and hopelessness that canREAD MORE

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16/12 2010

It’s OK to ask.

At the end of life there can be sometimes significant physical pain, especially in the presence of a Cancer related illness leading to suffering. Equally important but less well defined is the issue of what is termed “Existential Pain”-There is no clear definition of existentialREAD MORE

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14/12 2010

Gracenote fundraiser

We held our first public event on the 20th of November in Matsqui, BC. a fundraiser evening. It was an a wonderful evening with about 100 people from our local community.We were able to share our vision over dinner and to play some of theREAD MORE

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13/12 2010

Website Launch

It is amazing for The Gracenote Project to finally have a public face, I am thrilled at this new beginning.  I am very grateful to Carlos and the guys from Firstpage Marketing for designing and putting this new website together for us. The Gracenote conceptREAD MORE