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1/01 2017

New Year as a “God-bearer”

So this first day of a new year 2017. In many ways it is an arbitrary day, simply the beginning of a new 12 month cycle, and yet it is or can be a time to reflect. To reflect on what has happened in the year gone by-the joys, the tears, the good and the bad-and maybe even the downright ugly. Also a time to anticipate the year ahead with all it’s hopes and aspirations, trials and challenges.

I have been asked by a few people, patients and family members to write more of what I am seeing in the work that I do in Palliative Care. What am I learning through the privilege of standing and walking with people though their last days and weeks and at the threshold of life, end of life and life after life? I have been asked to write more from this perspective, so I am going to try and put my thoughts and what God has been showing me into words this year if I can. Our hope in starting the Gracenote Project was to try and resource people who find themselves in this difficult season of life, I am sorry I have not been as attentive to this recently as I would have hoped.

Jan 1st in the church calendar is traditionally the “Feast of Mary the Mother of God”. In Greek -Theotokos-the “God Bearer” The woman who surrendered her body the bear God as a man in Jesus. The incarnation and all the mystery that that entails-of God becoming man in Jesus. Embracing the frailty of a human body and with it suffering himself and experiencing that of others and also death and the grave.

It seems to me that being a “God Bearer” is a good way to start the year-one thing we can do in any situation. To try and consciously be aware of bearing God as we travel and walk with others. Sometimes easier to say than do , but  a commitment to try is the beginning of any journey or process.

We can only live in today, not the past and especially not the future. Buy maybe we can be “God Bearers” in the time we have.

So happy New Year 2017



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