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12/01 2014

Nancy’s story

As the Giver of Life CD has gone out near and far I have wondered about the stories of how it has touched lives. I have asked a few people, that I know of, to share their stories with us. If you have a story you want to share please contact Sarah
May this story encourage you.

Nancy’s story

I first heard of the ‘Giver of Life’ CD at ladies prayer and was thinking it was a teaching series. I was so excited because I have done care giving before relocating to BC Jesus had allowed me the honour of being present a few times when He came to receive His dear ones home. I have, in recent years, felt drawn to Palliative Care, though I have no training to do anything except pray.

Anyway, when I played ‘Giver of Life’, I was so pleasantly surprised that it was music. Right from the very first note I could ‘feel’ the Holy Spirit, and could ‘hear’ the Lord singing and speaking strongly and lovingly to my own heart.

Right from the beginning the Lord began opening something, someplace new, hidden deep beneath my own brokenness, grief, and fears. He had put His gentle finger on my wounded heart, He found the shards of years of repressing sadness and hopelessness, due to a religious upbringing etc. Plus the fearful challenge of loosing my new husband due to his own journey with cancer.

I read all the articles on the website ‘Gracenote Project’ and was impacted so deeply. Simple as it seems one of the things Steve had written was that our journey here on earth is just that…a journey with a beginning and an eventual ending….with Jesus at the beginning and the finish line. I was able to understand finally, that as he said ‘pain’, (in whatever format it comes) is what happens to the body, suffering is what happens to the person (soul for me )… Wow!!!! Revelation… lights flashing!!! But the spirit hears….I also felt brave enough to once again deal with the pain/suffering stuff knowing once again that Jesus heals the jagged edges.

I felt that the Lord Jesus was singing to me personally, and so I listened non-stop for weeks… even when I was sleeping, I put the music on and let my spirit hear… to hear the invitation, the truth, the hope, the joy, the ‘Welcome Home’ and especially the ‘well done’.

#1 – The first time something special happened at church one Easter Sunday, several months after Pop, Dennis’ dad passed away, we were singing ‘I’m Alive’ and the Lord allowed me to ‘see’ and ‘hear (in the Spirit)’ Pop among others, Myron included, singing along around the Throne… so much joy… so much happiness… so much truth… Pop was finally where he had longed to be for the many many years with his Jesus. Joy unspeakable filled my heart !

#2. Later, I read a story in the Maple Ridge news about a family who’s husband was suffering with ALS. They have a blog, ALS with Courage, so I began following this family and their progress. Whenever I feel a complaining spirit harassing me I think of this man, that usually shuts me up… I call him my hero, actually the whole family are my heroes.

A few months ago as I was reading about his decline, I felt led to ask his wife by email, remember, I don’t know these folks personally….if I could send along a CD, and then told her to let me know what she thought. I also asked her to forgive me if I offended them in any way, and that if they didn’t want it to just pass it along to someone else.

Weeks went by and I heard nothing, and thought, oh, oh, I must have missed God on that one… then… I got an email message from Mike Sands (the man with ALS) that they really liked it, and that he listened to it two to three times a day…..yay God!!!! I went back to their blog and read their whole journey.

I have sent it to two others but have not heard back yet….I emailed the one lady only yesterday to see what she thought, as one never knows for sure.

The Gracenote Project is a seed the Lord has planted and Steve is the ‘Voice’ God is using to declare the truth…we all need to not be afraid to hear and experience this truth, so powerful, that at times it feels like the Lord is sometimes joyfully shouting, sometimes whispering, all the while weeping with those who weep, holding us all in His embrace.



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