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5/06 2016

Medical Aid in Dying

Tomorrow is the day that what is now known as “Medical Assistance in Dying” becomes legal in Canada. Euthanasia or Physician assisted suicide to the rest of the world. This despite the absence of legislation or the specifics of what this is going to look like. For me, this is a low point in this country’s history, a country I have come to love and call home.

As someone who spends my days walking closely with people as they approach end of life, in my role as a Palliative Care physician, I have to ask why we think this is necessary.
I hear cries of dying with dignity and an end to suffering and yet the more I hear and see tells me it is more about so called self determination and control than a real understanding of the mysteries of life and end of life.

The phrase “be careful what you wish for” seems wholly appropriate for such a sad day. For a society that denies death, illness and aging all of a sudden there seems an incredible rush to hasten something we have spent a lot of effort trying not to think about.

I have recently watched a few people in there 40’s come to the end of life. I have seen how they wanted to live just one more day despite their illnesses. So from tomorrow we are supposed to hasten the death of others, Seems an incredible paradox and foolishness to me.

Man as always rushes in to areas that are not meant to be ours to control. Maybe more time and money spent on good Palliative Care for all the nation before even thinking aboiut hastening death would be a better option.

So June 6th 2016 will be a sad day for me. Canada I love you, thank you for adopting me but I do not believe this is how our society should move forward.

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