9/04 2017

Jesus, what God has to say!

Here is the beginning of an occasional series entitled-“Songs from my basement”. Yes I do have a basement (one of the joys of living in Canada now as opposed to the UK)-and a small recording set up there.

This song is made up of some thoughts from the phrase that “Jesus, is what God has to say”.

To hear the song click here

I first heard this in a talk and saw it in the forward to a book by Brad Jersak, called “A more Christlike God” The forward was written by Brian Zahnd.

The more I thought about it, the more I thought “YES-that is so right!” but also “What does that actually mean!!!” Excellent book by the way-I recommend it.

This also felt like something that needed to be sung and in fact we have been singing it in our local church. That it’s ok to have questions and to express them as we continue on this faith journey. Look no further than the Psalms, especially of David if you want to see someone fully committed to worship, but also to fully and passionately expressing his questions and doubts-to God no less!

That Jesus can be both the question and the answer is something of a paradox (yep just a little bit!!);-yet none the less true. The truth, the word, the logos, the reason why…….so it goes on. Don’t you just love the mystery of it all. Well maybe somedays more than others. I continue to be challenged by a loving, merciful and gracious God as I see so much suffering around me and so many people trying to come to terms with life and even end of life, with things not working out as they had wanted or expected. I think maybe our understanding of suffering is wrong, or at least skewed. A God who meets us in suffering rather than always delivers us from it if frankly not really what we hope for or want. In here however, is an invitation to go deeper if we allow it and choose to.

It continues to be important to me that we can walk together in friendship and relationship and dare I say love, while we continue to walk out and work on the things we don’t agree about. That our church communities can be places where we can go with our doubts and questions as much as with our answers and revelations. If we bring all of these things together, maybe we have more of a chance of finding more of who God is together and  finding authentic community at the same time.



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