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16/12 2010

It’s OK to ask.

At the end of life there can be sometimes significant physical pain, especially in the presence of a Cancer related illness leading to suffering. Equally important but less well defined is the issue of what is termed “Existential Pain”-There is no clear definition of existential pain, but the term generally is used to describe emotional or spiritual suffering. Interestingly this seems to be becoming more the role of the Psychiatrist these days which I would question, as this suggests that this is an abnormal state of mind.

Perhaps this doesn’t need to be medicated so much as explained. It is not really an illness as such but perhaps more reality than our mortal minds can handle, a soul sickness. We are made in God’s image and as such have our feet in both the physical and spiritual realms. No understanding of eternity can come from this world and yet we readily turn that way as perhaps the answers seem more easily obtainable. In recent years I have enjoyed the explaination of mystery as not the absence of information rather more information than we can readily understand.Death and dying, life and life after life absolutely fall into that category. I wonder if rather than seeing the asking of questions and a trying to understand where we fit in, and what our life has been about as abnormal, we should accept that this is part of a normal process that points us towards our creator who is both the answer and the context for the questions. It’s absolutely OK to have questions and totally OK to ask them. Perhaps the biggest problem with these kind of question is who we ask them of and as a result what sort of answers we expect to get.

Keep on asking, keep on talking, keep on seeking and searching.



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