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3/03 2012

Hospice in a Death Denying Culture

An interesting discussion around the role of hospice in a death denying culture. It is true we like to hide things away that we are uncomfortable with

Hospice in a Death-Denying Society
Oct 20, 2011
Michael Gemignani
I remember a discussion that took place awhile back at the Brazoria County Advisory Board concerning slogans that might be used to promote hospice. One slogan proposed was: “Hospice – It’s about life.” I suggested: “A good life deserves a good death.” My memory is aging along with the rest of me, but, as I recall, the consensus was that any slogan that contained the ‘d-word’ would be a turn-off. We needed to stress life, not remind people that they were dying. But, I submit, death is precisely what hospice care is about.

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