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24/12 2010

Hope in Christmas

In the last couple of days as the world gears up for the Christmas holiday I have been walking with a couple of patients who likley will not be physically present this time next year and all the mixture of emotions and hopelessness that can result. How difficult is it to rejoice when you cannot share in the joy and celebration that surrounds you? How hard does it become to walk when there seems to be no reason to travel and the only destination available is one you don’t even want to think about? I realise again how difficult it is to find comfort in this world at times, how our feelings will just not comply with the season of life that everyone else is engaged in, no matter how hard we may try.

I have been struck recently by the difference between happiness and joy. Happiness is like a butterfly that seems to move with the wind. Joy on the other hand is something of more substance that as a gift from God-transcends the current situation we are in and holds us in His loving arms. He reassures us that we can stay still in the eye of the storm even though the storm continues to rage around us.

I hope as you look into these season of hope, as we celebrate the coming of Jesus-that you find in Him the Hope that is in the season. There was hope in the birth of one baby-that would bring hope to all who search.



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