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24/03 2014

Forever Home – a story from Crystal

“Forever Home”… some those words may be a mystery, to some a certainty, and to others a healing balm for their soul. To me, I think, those words mean a bit of all three. So what does “forever home” really mean?

Last July, as I watched and participated in the passing of my dear dad from this world, through the veil, into the next world, I was certain of his final arrival at his “forever home”. For he had bravely fought a battle with disease. And while some might say he lost the battle, I would venture he won. For in leaving here, while causing us so much sorrow and grief, he stepped into his reward; the place he will live eternally, in complete peace and endless delight. His Forever Home. And 8 months later, I am still convinced he is in complete joy in the place no human words can fully describe.

But yet it also remains a mystery to me. A mystery how in one moment dad was here, and the next minute gone. The jacket (body) of his soul remained, but clearly the most important part of him had left. How can it be? How can it be that we pass so quickly from one form to another? From our temporary home here on earth to our permanent home in heaven? We do not know how this fully happens, but we trust in the one who orchestrates it all. Who lives among us here, while mysteriously reigning and literally walking with us throughout eternity. It is a mystery that we cannot fully understand until we also move on to our forever home.

Since dad has left, we, the ones left behind who loved him so, have had the difficult task of walking through grief. It is a difficulty journey for sure. But one that we all must walk, as we each say “see you later” to our loved ones. As I grapple daily with the surrender of wanting him back here, of wishing things were different, I remain steadfast in the promise of Heaven being real; a place where those who love Jesus can know they will one day reside there. It brings healing to my heart to recognize that dad is there; joyfully more alive than ever before. He is in his “forever home”. And I am waiting for that day when one day I too will pass through the veil, entering for the first time into my “forever home”.

I hope and pray as you listen to the words of Steve’s song “Forever Home” that you will know with certainty and peace that this is where you are headed. For it is a place filled with much peace and love where we can fully be known and understood; fully loved by our gracious Father who takes great delight in each of us.

Crystal Letkeman

You can listen to Forever Home here



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