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3/03 2012

Hospice in a Death Denying Culture

An interesting discussion around the role of hospice in a death denying culture. It is true we like to hide things away that we are uncomfortable with

Hospice in a Death-Denying Society Oct 20, 2011 Michael Gemignani I remember a discussion that took place awhileREAD MORE

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9/02 2012

Gethsemane and times of anguish.

Very interesting reading from UCB devotional “Word for you today” By Bob and Debbie Gass. It asks some interesting questions.

I have been struck recently how painful it can be and how difficult when our beliefs and concepts are challenged. Especially how our faith inREAD MORE

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2/11 2011

Under Construction!

Billy Graham book

Amazing article on getting older and approaching end of life from Billy Graham.

Has a book called Nearing Home. Definitely going to get this and read it. So nice to hear from people and gain wisdom from those who have gone before. Great story about hisREAD MORE

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6/09 2011

Born towards dying

Here is a very interesting essay, which asks us to look at our perspectives of life and death. I continue to marvel at how the way you look at something can have a profound effect on how you perceive it. Recently driving south on theREAD MORE

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13/12 2010

Website Launch

It is amazing for The Gracenote Project to finally have a public face, I am thrilled at this new beginning.  I am very grateful to Carlos and the guys from Firstpage Marketing for designing and putting this new website together for us. The Gracenote conceptREAD MORE