19/01 2018

When is Pallliative Care no longer Palliative Care? How did Football become Rugby?

If we change the rules of the game we are playing, how far can we go before it is no longer the same game? We can make small changes to the size of the goals or the offside rules, but if we make big changesREAD MORE

28/01 2017

Gift of Time part 2

How often have I heard myself say “I wish I had more time” or “I’m just too busy”

While I’m on the subject of a “gift of time” I was recently given one. I was flying between Reykjavik and LA on the return leg from theREAD MORE

19/01 2017

A Gift of Time

IMG_0204Something I find myself talking about on an almost daily basis, is the difference between how life appears to be lived and perceived and how it actually is-from my perspective anyway!Life it seems is not 80 plus years of suffering free existence, (not sure whereREAD MORE

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29/03 2014

Ginny’s Story

As a cancer survivor who regularly visits hospital and sometimes the hospice for physiotherapy, I like to take with me a copy of this CD to give away to anyone I might meet who has a fear of facing death or has recently been bereaved.


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24/03 2014

Forever Home – a story from Crystal

“Forever Home”…..to some those words may be a mystery, to some a certainty, and to others a healing balm for their soul. To me, I think, those words mean a bit of all three. So what does “forever home” really mean?

Last July, as I watchedREAD MORE

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13/03 2014

A Prison Chaplain’s Story

The CD, Giver of Life, is touching lives in places other than palliative care.


A Prison Chaplain in England writes “The song ” Is there any hope for me?” Is the powerful one in the prison chapel services as it is one that really expresses theREAD MORE

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12/01 2014

Nancy’s story

As the Giver of Life CD has gone out near and far I have wondered about the stories of how it has touched lives. I have asked a few people, that I know of, to share their stories with us. If you have a storyREAD MORE