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9/04 2017

Jesus, what God has to say!

Here is the beginning of an occasional series entitled-“Songs from my basement”. Yes I do have a basement (one of the joys of living in Canada now as opposed to the UK)-and a small recording set up there.

This song is made up of some thoughts from theREAD MORE

28/01 2017

Gift of Time part 2

How often have I heard myself say “I wish I had more time” or “I’m just too busy”

While I’m on the subject of a “gift of time” I was recently given one. I was flying between Reykjavik and LA on the return leg from theREAD MORE

19/01 2017

A Gift of Time

IMG_0204Something I find myself talking about on an almost daily basis, is the difference between how life appears to be lived and perceived and how it actually is-from my perspective anyway!Life it seems is not 80 plus years of suffering free existence, (not sure whereREAD MORE

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29/03 2014

Ginny’s Story

As a cancer survivor who regularly visits hospital and sometimes the hospice for physiotherapy, I like to take with me a copy of this CD to give away to anyone I might meet who has a fear of facing death or has recently been bereaved.


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24/03 2014

Forever Home – a story from Crystal

“Forever Home”… some those words may be a mystery, to some a certainty, and to others a healing balm for their soul. To me, I think, those words mean a bit of all three. So what does “forever home” really mean?

Last July, as I watchedREAD MORE

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13/03 2014

A Prison Chaplain’s Story

The CD, Giver of Life, is touching lives in places other than palliative care.


A Prison Chaplain in England writes “The song ” Is there any hope for me?” Is the powerful one in the prison chapel services as it is one that really expresses theREAD MORE

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12/01 2014

Nancy’s story

As the Giver of Life CD has gone out near and far I have wondered about the stories of how it has touched lives. I have asked a few people, that I know of, to share their stories with us. If you have a storyREAD MORE