19/01 2018

When is Pallliative Care no longer Palliative Care? How did Football become Rugby?

If we change the rules of the game we are playing, how far can we go before it is no longer the same game? We can make small changes to the size of the goals or the offside rules, but if we make big changesREAD MORE

5/02 2017

It’s life Jim….but not as we know it!

I have been reflecting on the concept life and how we value it. Sometimes it seems like the most important thing we posses and hold onto with every finger nail and fibre of our existence. Other times not so much! Is it the number ofREAD MORE

5/01 2014

New song “Forever Home” now available

Forever Home Artwork

Here is the promised song now available for free!

Click the download button below and the zip file will download containing the artwork and the MP3.

So glad to be able to share this with you.




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19/12 2013

“Forever Home” a New Song soon to be posted

Untitled1I am pleased to announce that we are coming close to finishing a new song called “Forever Home” which will be posted very soon. It is being mastered at the moment.

The song was inspired through the phrase “Forever home” that was a theme in a memorialREAD MORE

22/10 2011

“Giver of Life”

We are getting close to finishing our first full length CD from Gracenote entitled “Giver of life”. It will be 13 tracks in length and finishes what we started with the “Let me carry you home” EP. It contains the 4 original songs and 9READ MORE

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6/02 2011

When it all seems too short

Life has it’s seasons-we can see it all around us and we know that we can’t fight those changes. It is the natural order of things and in truth we are designed to live life that way. We have redesigned our lives to an extentREAD MORE

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24/12 2010

Hope in Christmas

In the last couple of days as the world gears up for the Christmas holiday I have been walking with a couple of patients who likley will not be physically present this time next year and all the mixture of emotions and hopelessness that canREAD MORE